Summerhill Estate
Demesne (di-mayn)
14th C France. An extensive piece of landed property; an estate.
Summerhill is the 42 acre summer estate of a Philadelphia family, dating back many generations. We were initially asked to renovate one part of the main estate house (East House), then another part (West House), then the Carriage House, the Stone Garage, Playhouse, Pool….you get the idea. Early in the process we suggested to the owner that we complete a Master Plan of the twelve buildings on the property, to identify what was in need of repair, renovation, etc. To date, we have worked on all of the buildings to varying extent;  some simply to repair & repaint, others - like the former Caretaker's Residence (Summerhill farmhouse) - became a full renovation and addition. Working closely with the owners since 2002, we have refreshed and maintained the original understated splendor of this picturesque estate.